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Akiba Café (Ash Creek) Now Serves Rice Meals

Akiba Café (Ash Creek) Now Serves Rice Meals

Good news to all Akiba Café lovers out there: Akiba Café has just recently opened at Ash Creek in San Juan, the new “tambayan” of school kids from Xavier, ICA and La Salle Greenhills. The well-loved cakes and specialty drinks can now be enjoyed in the Greenhills area (hooray!). Also, since they now have a big space, Akiba Café offers all-time favorite rice meals that are appealing to both kids and adults alike.

Japanese Beef Tapa   |   Longganisa Special (10% less fat)

Mornings are more fun with a complete breakfast at Akiba Café. I especially liked the egg – baked sunny-side up Japanese style (fluffy and not greasy)

Nutty Macadamia Kohi   |   Mt. Fuji Kohi

Breakfast meals won’t be complete without a good coffee. The nutty macadamia was creamy with a nutty sesame seed bite, while the Mt. Fuji drink was delightfully sweet with a whole mountain of cream with chocolate syrup on top of a good Japanese brewed coffee.

Matcha Yogurt   |   Original Yogurt   |   Cafe Latte   |   Peanut Butter Choco

Other equally good drinks to perk up your day would be Akiba Café’s café latte and cold yogurt shakes (tastes like yogurt milkshake). For the kids, the peanut butter choco is quite popular (and it's caffeine free).

Tori (Chicken) Katsu   |   Sakana (Fish) Katsu   |   Rosu (Pork) Katsu

Akiba Café has joined the katsu craze with their newest branch in Ash Creek, San Juan. These are the ultimate crave busters as you indulge in big katsu portions. Each dish is served with the signature Akiba egg and your choice of sauce: classic, teriyaki, sweet sake, Japanese curry, garlic wasabi, and seaweed parmesan. My top picks would be the Japanese curry and seaweed parmesan :)

Belgian Choco Cookie   |   Matcha Trifle Tea   |   White Choco Macadamia Cookie   |   Signature Trifle Kohi

TIP: If it’s your first time in Akiba Café, best that you try their signature trifle drinks

Akiba Café’s Kohi Jelly (MUST TRY)

After eating all those food, I still saved myself some room for dessert. How can I say no to Akiba Café’s coffee jelly and specialty cakes?!

Akiba Café’s DOUBLE CHOCO Mousse
Moist and rich and full of yummy goodness in between

Tiramisu   |   SWEET POTATO CAKE   | Green Tea Cheesecake

You should not miss Akiba’s SWEET POTATO CAKE. Even right before ordering our drinks and foods, we made sure we reserved one slice of Akiba’s sweet potato cake for a perfect ending.


SM Megamall Branch
2nd floor, building A Hallway, Mandaluyong City
Ash Creek Branch
G/F, Ortigas Ave. corner Madison St., San Juan City
Website   |   Facebook   |   Twitter   |   MENU

Akiba Café (Ash Creek) Now Serves Rice Meals

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