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Coca-Cola Christmas Tree Lighting Event: Celebrating 100 years of Happiness

Coca-Cola Tree Lighting Event: Celebrating 100 years of Happiness

Coca-Cola spreads happiness once again as we celebrated the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Araneta Center, Cubao. This symbolic gesture reminds Pinoys all over the world that simple moments like this spark hope and become extra special when shared with someone - a friend, a loved one, or even a stranger.

Open Happiness with Coca-Cola

It is a fact that Pinoys love to share happiness. Even if we are tossed with numerous trials in life, Pinoys are still very cheerful and generous in nature. 

A grand Coca-Cola Christmas "Salu-Salo" 

Santa's elves during Coca-Cola's Christmas Tree Lighting Event

Christmas season opens plenty of opportunities for us to spread joy and happiness by simplu putting a smile on our faces. Share a meal, a seat on the LRT/MRT, or a cup of Coke. In these little gestures, you will definitely make someone happy. 

♥♥♥ Coca-Cola Happiness Truck ♥♥♥

This happiness machine is just awesome!

Mae Ilagan of WhenInManila enjoying her bottle of Coca-Cola

Ribbon cutting ceremony graced by Coca-Cola Marketing Director Anubha Sahasrabuddhe and celebrities like Jessy Mendiola and Enrique Gil.

After the ribbon-cutting, the event continued with shrieks, "kiligs" and laughters as celebrities serenaded the excited fans. 

Joseph Marco (GMA-7)

Jessy Mendiola (ABS-CBN)

Matteo Guidicelli (ABS-CBN)
(he should be given "The Most Kilig" award of the night)

Even if life is hard, Pinoys still see the sun after the storm. We believe that there may be a thousand challenges in life, but there are still more than a million of reasons to be happy.  Coca-Cola deeply believes in this, too. Please watch the video dedicated to each and every Filipino on Coca-Cola's 100th year in the Philippines.

"Despite a challenging year, our country remains resilient and hopeful as ever. Our nation's collective happiness continues to shine, brighter than ever.

On the 100th Christmas of Coca-Cola in the Philippines, Coca-Cola inspires, reminds and provokes the Filipinos - that despite all the challenges and hardships, there are still more reasons to be thankful and be happy, especially this magical season of Christmas. Maligayang Pasko, Pilipinas." - Coca-Cola

Hooray! The giant Coca-Cola Christmas tree is finally lit up to bring us joy and inspiration this coming season. Let it be a symbol of light, hope, and optimism Coca-Cola brings.

Coca-Cola Christmas Tree

"Through this annual celebration, Coca-Cola continues to inspire and encourage Filipinos to share more moments of happiness. Coca-Cola encourages you to go and make someone happy today, because we believe that the more happiness we share, the more happiness will also return to us." - Coca-Cola

Find out more reasons to be happy this Christmas at
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Coca-Cola Tree Lighting Event: Celebrating 100 years of Happiness

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