Thursday, August 02, 2012

10 Useful House Tips

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Useful House Tips

I just want to share some useful practical suggestions I got from an email:

Useful House Tip #1

Use a CLEAN dustpan to fill a container that doesn't fit in the sink

Useful House Tip #2
Place a rubber band around an open paint can to wipe your brush on, and keep paint off the side of the can

Useful House Tip #3

Use a staple remover to save your fingernails when trying to add things to your key ring

Useful House Tip #4
Put wooden spoon across boiling pot of water to keep from boiling over.

Useful House Tip #5
Use bread clips to save flip-flops with split holes.

Useful House Tip #6
How to put shoes in the dryer

Useful House Tip #7
Use sunglasses or a small convex mirror to avoid people sneaking up on you while wearing headphones at work

Useful House Tip #8
How to keep the straw from rising out of your soda can

Useful House Tip #9
Use a Comb to Keep a Nail Steady for Hammering

Useful House Tip #10
Use a post it note to catch drilling debris.


Useful House Tips

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