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Events in the Philippines for 2012: PHILIPPINE INTERNET CONGRESS AND EXPO to be held on MARCH 9-11 at SM Megamall MegaTradeHall

Events in the Philippines for 2012: PHILIPPINE INTERNET CONGRESS AND EXPO to be held on MARCH 9 - 11, 2012 at SM Megamall MegaTradeHall


The expo will not just showcase the latest products out in the market but will also be featuring the best speakers - some of the top leaders in the social media industry!!! Be there as they share there precious insights on internet marketing, news and information, security and business solution

Below are just some of the speakers I would love to meet:

  • Jack Madrid, Country Manager for the Philippines of
  • Manny Fernando, President of IMMAP and MegaMobile,
  • Neph Denosta Assistant Vice President for Sun Business of Sun Cellular,
  • Jim Ayson, Senior Manager for Partner Management of SMART Communications
  • Janette Toral, Founder of Philippine Internet Commerce Society and digitalFilipino,
  • Ralph Wunsch, Founder of
  • Chino Rodriguez, Certified Ethical Hacker

I am most interested to know how the Social Media is immensely influencing businesses today and how valuable its role is to global transformation. Facebook, Multiply, Twitter, Blogging - these are just some of the tools to disseminate information and promote a business. But, how can we create more revenues from our online sites? Is joining discount vouchers a good way of increasing business exposure? Where is social media leading to next? Would it be mobile apps? Most importantly, how can we protect our business sites from hackers? These are just some of the interesting topics that will be answered in The Philippine Internet Congress and Expo 2012. 

Jack Madrid is from Yahoo before being the country manager of Multiply. I wanted to know how he shifted Multiply's social networking site to a fully functioning e-commerce platform, which is a terrific move, by the way. This extremely helped Filipino sellers bring their offline businesses online.

Being the president of Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines  (IMMAP), I would also love to hear what Manny Fernando will be talking about. I was able to attend the last IMMAP in Rockwell and I learned that digital marketing will boom with mobile devices in the near future since smart phones are becoming more affordable to the Filipino market. Maybe he will be giving tips and share some other media tools on ways to promote your business.

Jim Ayson, on the other hand,  is one of the pioneers of the Philippine internet industry, making him one of the Internet's 10 Most influential Filipinos. I am looking forward to hearing his visions and plans on what else can be improved on the net. Maybe you can prepare some questions to ask too.

Being an influential blogger, Janette Toral should be the best person who can share ideas on how we can build a community through blogging, how it can encourage sales through ad placements in blogsites; and, how to fully optimize the SEO of your blog.

Aside from learning how to build your businesses online, promoting it, and making it readily accessible to the market, one of the major priorities we should take would be protecting it. I am very excited to hear what Chino Rodriguez will be sharing in The Philippine Internet Congress. Because knowing how to protect your business from hacking will save you time and money and  in the future.

YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY NOT MISS THIS EVENT!!! Join thousands of internet enthusiasts as they get the most valuable advice from the speakers and immediately use them in their businesses. DON'T BE LEFT BEHIND. Be involved and "Get up to speed on World Class technology."


Contact Person: Kaye or Randolf

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The Philippine Internet Congress and Expo
March 9-11, 2012 
8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
SM MegaMall MegatradeHall.

Events in the Philippines for 2012: PHILIPPINE INTERNET CONGRESS AND EXPO to be held on MARCH 9 - 11, 2012 at SM Megamall MegaTradeHall

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