Monday, April 12, 2010

Maid Caught in the Act of Stealing

The following are picture clips from the webcam video captured by my friend, Jenny Gutz.

JENNIFER PACTAO-IN is now in jail after stealing hundreds of dollars from my friend.
This is her picture from the webcam video clip:
My friend went out for lunch and this was what her maid did while she was gone.

JENNIFER PACTAO-IN searched my friend's cabinet for money.
She found it and counted the money.

Then she pocketed the dollars.

and went on doing her chore as if nothing happened.

After my friend has confirmed where her "missing" money were... she immediately called the cops and recovered some of the money.
She hid the dollars under the boxes in the dirty kitchen.

Here is the note from the video clip:

Noticed last March 31 that my dollars in my wallet was missing.

Went to Bataan for the holy week.

April 8, right before I left for a party I noticed that my cabinet's lock was busted and noticed that US$400 that was kept in my cabinet was missing.

April 9, I set up my laptop's webcam before I left for lunch with the kids.
I came back at around 6:30 and this was what I saw...
This girl is our maid. Her name, funny as it seems, is also Jennifer. We got her from an agency. She came to our house last March 26. Only 2 weeks of service and this was what she did.
She took US$700 that day and the police recovered only US$500 after 7 hours of questioning and running around to get the money (she pointed her finger at other people saying the money was there).

The maid is now in jail.

I'm sorry to the Hyndmans who we had to wake up early in the morning (because our maid said she sent the money to her cousin who works for the Hyndmans).

Thanks to the support group (Teng, Beths, RR, Beh, Kent, Atty. C.Anton...hehehe...Carlo De Villa!)

To my parents and to my Love, Waway, who never left my side (and drove me to fastfood restaurants when I needed to pee)...who stayed with me until 5am....THANK YOU!"


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