Monday, March 17, 2008

I’d Rather … -- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

I am home alone right now…
Because I asked them to go ahead without me…
Because of my LOVELY shoes --- it was deteriorating.. literally falling apart.. hihihi
I didn’t take a picture; it was embarrassing as it is :p
Anyway, I have nothing to do right now.
I am in Davis’s room, surfing the net and finishing up my Coke Zero (how I wish I’m drinking Pepsi or something else), listening to all sorts of instrumental music, trying my best to entertain myself.
So, why not write a blog nalang diba?
Here are my random thoughts:
- stay with a friend in need than attend a “must go to” party of the year
- spend the rest of my life alone than be with someone just because I have to
- spend every single penny left in my savings account to enjoy my life than save it for later :p
- sleep than work
- play with Baby Sofia than go shopping or watch a movie
- dare to Bungee Jump than go scuba diving
- be in Europe than anywhere else in the world
- travel around the world than study in school (I wish I was able to do that long time ago)
- let my children be home-schooled and take them to different places of the world and let them excel in sports, arts or whatever they want than let them stay in school. Well, they can do those every other year if they want :p (normal school this year, home schooling the next) – if I can financially support them. Hihihi
- watch every play, musical or concert than watch a movie. (I enjoy seeing the performers in action!)
- eat than cook
- do the laundry than cook
- clean the house than cook
- clean the toilet than cook
- sit and dine with friends than party with them in clubs
- drink than smoke
- buy online than go to the mall
- enjoy the weekend away from the city than be in the city :p
- live a simple life away from the hustles and bustles than be caught in the midst of a busy extravagant life
- not have a wedding than settle for a wedding that I don’t like
- have a really really SMALL and intimate wedding than have a big one where everyone you know and you don’t know are there. I don’t care what people will say; I just want them to be happy for us since it SHOULD BE our day. (I know this will never happen – my clan is HUGE)
- hold my tears than weep till there’s no more to cry
- keep everything to myself than tell somebody what I really feel
- give my love away than fight for him.. hihihi (to give is better than to receive..nyehehehe)
- talk to myself than call a friend
- go nude than put on something to wear (hihihi, sana pwede!)
- be thought of as a bitch than be kind or nice to someone just because I have to (I don’t like being told what to do – hihihi)
- go against the norm than try to please other people (because I DON’T CARE! Mwahahahahahaha)
- put on the most expensive jewelries for everyday wear than keep it forever in a safebox (how can u enjoy those prettyful darlings if they’re always locked up?)
- stay hungry than settle for some food that I don’t like at the moment
- order more food (even if I know I MIGHT not be able to finish it all) than be satisfied with what I am sure I can manage (sometimes, more is good – believe me!)
- time travel to the past than to the future
- read a good book than watch TV

- have one real good friend than a thousand acquaintances
- keep the darkest secrets than hurt somebody
- drink tomato juice than a fresh milk
- pretend that I didn't see anything and pretend I am asleep when I see a ghost than scream and let it know I am scared to death!!! (did this more than once)
I wish, I hope and I pray that LIFE is SIMPLE.

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